High iTea is an annual networking initiative promoting diversity in the Perth business community, where inspiring speakers discuss the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workforce. The event is open to university students through to senior executives. High iTea is an opportunity for women and men to ignite the conversation on what the future can hold!

This year High iTea was all about achieving high performance with diversity. Speakers, Professor Fiona Wood, Priya Cooper and Sean Langton, shared their experiences in improving business performance by embracing a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

Our aim is to provide professionals with the tools they need to transform their own existing work cultures, and to inspire meaningful change and greater diversity to achieve high performance.

All proceeds raised benefited Royal Life Saving Society WA.

High iTea 2018

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Why Does Diversity Matter?

ROI is 34% higher for tech companies with gender diversity.

Women represent only 28% of the ICT workforce, compared to 43% in the wider professional workforce. This underutilisation of human capital in ICT looms as a major constraint on Australia's national growth.

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Inspirational Speakers and Panel Members


Professor School of Surgery, UWA

Ms Priya Cooper OAM

Paralympian Gold Medalist

Mr Sean Langton

Bankwest GM Strategy & Planning